About me

Where to start…

I’ve moved around a lot but spent most of my life living between Redbridge and Barking and Dagenham, where I now live with my wife.

I was raised in a working-class household and before politics edged its way into my life, I could be found grafting down the markets at weekends with my dad whilst I worked my way through education.

The markets were hard work, but they played a huge role in shaping my politics. I can remember mornings when we had to break up the ice on the ground before we could set the stall up. I remember being freezing cold and soaking wet, physically and mentally exhausted by Sunday afternoon, but I also remember the camaraderie and feeling a sense of value, dignity and pride.

My family taught me the value of work, but they wanted better for me and that’s when I set off to college then later university to study politics and history.

Education isn’t a golden ticket out of strife. So, my message to young people is to take the marketing with a pinch of salt – you’ll still need perseverance and tenacity to get where you want in life.

Like many in London, things haven’t been plain sailing. I know what it’s like to make the choice between eating or paying the bills, and I also found myself homeless for a number of years whilst in full time work – a low priority for council housing, whilst not earning enough to rent privately.

In my political life I have made a name for myself as a successful Campaign Organiser, and I have built a career out of beating the far-right at the ballot box. I was elected to the council in Barking and Dagenham back in 2018 based on my record of delivery and I have spent my time working on environmental policy, policing and crime campaigns, planning policy, innovative green infrastructure projects and a lot of casework!

This page was originally set up for my campaign to be the GLA candidate for Havering and Redbridge in 2020. I’m now using this space as an online CV and record of my ideas and achievements.

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