Campaign Organiser for Jon Cruddas MP

Dagenham Police Station Saved #1

My first campaign for Jon was back in 2013 when the Mayor of London was looking to close Dagenham Police Station as part of cuts handed down by government. It was also my first victory as a Community Organiser.

Super-Prison Plans Halted

Also in 2013 the government revised their 2009 plans to build the largest prison in Europe on the border between Dagenham and Rainham. My second big campaign, we had over 10,000 local residents involved and took a petition all the way to Downing Street.

The site is now being used to build 3000 new homes, two new schools, leisure facilities and landscaping around the Beam River to create a new park.

Iconic Civic Centre Saved

In 2014 news dropped that there were plans to sell off the iconic art deco building at the heart of Dagenham.

On behalf of Jon Cruddas I launched the biggest campaign to date, attracting support from Sadiq Khan, David Lammy, the GMB, Unite, Barking, Dagenham and Havering Trades Union Council and many more.

After nearly two years of campaigning, a candlelit vigil with the famous Dagenham Ford women machinists and a petition of nearly 10,000 we stopped the building being sold off. The council now leases it to Coventry University offering Further Education to young people in the area.

Dagenham Police Station Saved #2

In 2017 the police station came under fire again. The government imposed more spending cuts on the Metropolitan Police and approx. 100 police stations across London were to be sold off.

We mounted a huge campaign to save the police station and to my knowledge we ran the only successful campaign in London.


In response to rising violent crime I organised the #CallingTimeOnCrime campaign for Jon Cruddas MP. The goal is to secure more funding for local policing and to put more bobbies on the beat in Dagenham and Rainham. In 2019 we will be handing in a petition to the Home Office.

Over 1000 police have been taken off the streets across the Borough Command Unit (BCU) since 2010, whilst knife crime has increased between 10-30% across Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge in the last two years.


In 2018 plans to build a second mass waste incinerator at Belvedere, Bexley came to light. The impact assessments highlight that this will be incredibly detrimental to human health, air quality, biodiversity and the wider environment.

Jon Cruddas picked up the issue and I have been organising the campaign which has included making representations to the Planning Inspectorate.

I also coordinate all small-scale campaigns and petitions in the area on issues including; parking, planning, CCTV, road safety etc.