Campaign Organiser for Dagenham and Rainham CLP

I am a seasoned and successful Campaign Organiser. I started out in 2014 organising the local campaigns for 18 candidates across Dagenham, a campaign which saw us defeat UKIP across the board using new and unique campaigning models. The wards I was responsible for had the highest turnout outside of a general election year.

In 2015 I organised the largest campaign against UKIP and the far-right in London which saw Jon Cruddas MP double the Labour majority. A hard fought but well executed campaign.

I also organised the 2017 snap general election in Dagenham and Rainham. It was the largest campaign operation run in the constituency since facing the BNP in 2010. The campaign was a success seeing Jon Cruddas hold the seat by a margin of 4,652.

In 2018 I had a very different organising experience. I ran the campaign for my own ward in Dagenham, and the campaigns for Rainham and South Hornchurch in Havering. My campaign strategy turned Rainham and South Hornchurch from unwinnable wards into the top target wards in Havering.

The ward I stood in also achieved the highest Labour vote in Dagenham. Prior to my campaign the ward had the lowest Labour vote in the constituency.

Thrown into a winter election in 2019 we were really up against it, but yet again we managed to buck the national trend and cling on with a 293 majority. It was the toughest campaign I have ever organised but with the support of comrades from across the movement the strategy paid off.

I have always aspired to be the best there is at what I do and to work hard. ‘The best’ is a bold claim which I won’t be making, but based on my record I must be up there with some of the top Campaign Organisers in London.

Following the 2022 local election, where I organised the campaign which secured two Labour councillors in south Havering for the first time in over a decade, I resigned as Campaign Organiser to focus on other areas of my work but hope to move into campaign consultancy in the future.